The Story behind Diroma1980

Francavilla Fontana, Puglia, South of Italy (the heel of the boot) year 1980. Everything started there where my parents, Dino and Rosanna started their own business in textiles. I still remember the day when my dad took me and my sister with him up to Florence to finalise his first fabrics order. At the time Tuscany was a land fraught with many historical fabric mills and manufacturers. While walking through those places and talking to those people I could taste, smell and see their tradition deeply eradicated in culture and style. I could smell the scent of raw thread being twisted over and over again to achieve the most refined quality ever imagined.
Once back home the production chain was: Dino on the cutting, Rosanna on the sewing and myself and Mina (my sister) working on the buttons. 
What does "DIROMA1980" stand for?
DI:Dino (Father)
RO: Rosanna (Mother)
M: Mina (Sister)
A: Angelo (Me)
Production started small but scaled up very quickly and the finest Made in Italy handmade shirts hit local markets with great success. 
It was around the mid 90's when Asian manufacturing came along and this was when all the Italian factories and mills faced the hardest times ever in history. The new scenario had a real negative impact on my dad's business too, so he had to re look at his business structure and decide to downsize.
After graduating in Economics I found a job in my home town as an accountant. But after a couple of years in that profession I realised that it wasn't for me. So i decided to venture out and move to England. 
10 years went on with me leading the way of my staggering career in the fashion corporate world.
My time to reconnect to my Italian roots was coming. My desire to bring to the World what my parents loved and worked so hard for was too strong. 
Diroma1980 was born..

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