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The best silk ties for the best you

Diroma is the elite accessory store for men; we exclusively specialize in men's silk ties. With us, you don't have to worry about any tie emergency because we have the best silk ties for every occasion. For example, have a formal event, and want to look good in a tux? Then arrive at your destination in an elegant and fantastic tie that perfectly matches your tuxedo. Or, have a wedding to attend? Well, we have just the right tie to make you look like the classiest man in the room.

We have been in the tie styling business for many years now and have a huge fan base who knows that our silk ties for men are exceptional.

Because once you start wearing our ties, there is no going back to the ordinary and cheap ones.

Here at Diroma, we take our clients' satisfaction very seriously, which is why we only believe in custom-made and tailored ties. Therefore, we don't just give you a readymade tie; instead, we personally take your exact measurements with precision and then tailor an outstanding and remarkable tie for you just like you dreamt of.

Our stylists and tailors only use the best fabrics and cuts to offer you a stylish accessory that you can rock in any place or occasion and an accessory that will complete your look because we know how a tie can be the missing piece of the puzzle to make your personality a whole lot charming.

So, if you have an essential meeting to attend or an office dinner around the corner, then don't worry about completing your look because we have got your back. Instead, check out our silk ties for sale, and get hold of the best custom-made ties to fit your dressing needs. So, don't wait; get in touch with us to get a custom-made tie or choose one from our vast collection.

How does our custom tie tailoring work?

  1. Start by scheduling a tailored tie fitting online on your preferred date and time. We will confirm the details via email.
  2. On your chosen day, our expert stylists will get in touch with you for either a walk-in or an online fitting, along with a range of fabrics to make your choice easier.
  3. Once you decide on the style, color, and fabric, all the details will be transferred to our tailors, who will create a masterpiece of the tie for you.
  4. We craft your ties from scratch, which might take a couple of days because all the good things take time.
  5. You get your tie in beautiful packaging. If you don't want a custom tie, then you can choose one from our online store.

So, what are you waiting for? Your dream tie awaits you. So, order today and make your personality pop in the crowd.

Five cats looking around a field.
Five cats looking around a field.