The story behind Diroma1980

The story behind Diroma1980

In the picturesque town of Francavilla Fontana, nestled in the enchanting region of Puglia, Italy, a timeless tale of artistry and passion unfolds. It was the year 1980 when my parents, Dino and Rosanna, embarked on their own textile venture, specializing in the meticulous craft of shirt and tie making. A vivid memory lingers from those early days, when my father, brimming with ambition, took my sister and me on an unforgettable journey to Florence to finalize his inaugural fabrics order.

In Tuscany, a realm steeped in history and tradition, we strolled amidst historical fabric mills and conversed with skilled artisans, immersing ourselves in the essence of their deeply rooted culture and style. The air was imbued with the aroma of raw threads meticulously twisted to achieve unparalleled refinement.

Back in our hometown, the production chain took shape, with Dino meticulously cutting fabrics, Rosanna skillfully sewing, and my sister Mina and I adeptly working on the buttons. The birth of “DIROMA1980” holds a profound significance, as it represents the names of our family members

DI for Dino (Father), RO for Rosanna (Mother), M for Mina (Sister), and A for Angelo (Me).

As we commenced our journey, the business flourished, and our finest handcrafted shirts bearing the illustrious “Made in Italy” stamp graced local markets, achieving resounding success. However, the emergence of Asian manufacturing in the mid-‘90s posed a formidable challenge to Italian factories and mills, and my father’s business also endured trying times, prompting a necessary restructuring.

Having pursued a career in Economics and worked as an accountant in my hometown, I came to the realization that my heart yearned for something more. Brimming with a desire to explore and grow, I embarked on a new adventure, leaving behind the corporate world to make England my home for a decade.

Yet, the call of my Italian heritage reverberated within me, compelling me to share my parents’ ardor and hard work with the world. A burning passion to showcase the authentic craftsmanship and traditions of Italy urged me onward.

And so, Diroma1980 was born…a testament to the legacy of love, artistry, and dedication handed down through generations, now offered to the world in all its authentic Italian splendor.


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