Welcome to the South…

Francavilla Fontana.

Benvenuti al Sud.. The title of a major Italian film released in 2010.. 

…they say… 

…When you come to the South of Italy you will cry twice… when you arrive.. and when you leave.. 

No better way to explain the storm of emotions that hit me every time I come home. Because Italy is a country full of contradictions, as beautiful as divided, because we have never been united really…

there’s always been a sense of separation between the North and the South somehow. 

While some focus on the made up differences between us, thankfully most of us appreciate the breathtaking treasures hidden in our stunning Land. 

Francavilla Fontana is situated in the middle of the Peninsula (Puglia) of the Peninsula (Italy).. the heel of the boot as most will know it as… 

I was watching a documentary this week, the writer refers to Puglia as

a warm and loving mother who hugs you as soon as you step your foot on it”

I was born here... where I lived 26 years of my life before moving to the UK. 10 years away from what made me, 10 years away from what i still feel I belong to deeply.…

...it is the love for my tortured, corrupted and tormented but beautiful Region that forced me away from it…

…as it is the same love that still keeps me firmly bonded to it.

Diroma1980 is the bridge between my new life in the UK and my roots, those roots that never let me go, those roots that wrap around my heart and breath, and the longer I spend away from Puglia, the tighter the grip.

This is not just a brand for me.. these aren’t just ties, pocket squares, braces..

…these are instruments that allow me to express my emotions towards my Land which connect my past to my present while I peak over to the future..  

Just like a song writer uses perfect words to bring to the world his emotions, just like an artist painting on his canvas to materialise his visions, Francavilla Fontana triggers my creative inner self to project into DIROMA1980.



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